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Secure and Reliable File Transfer #flashcontent { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } #flashcontent p { color:white; padding:5px;} Introduction Transferring payload of significant size through a reliable and secure manner has become a common need. People are trying to use existing method like ebMS or AS2 to handle this but find that the payload… Ronnie Kwok 04/22/10 0
March 31, 2010 Changes Message Push, inside the source file, we have a demo project called "EbmsEventListenerDemo". Please refer to it in understanding how Message Push works. Files for download Installer hermes_2_installer_20100331.jar Source code hermes2_src_20100331.zip Javadoc hermes2_javadoc_20100331.zip Ronnie Kwok 04/13/10 0
Message Push #flashcontent { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } #flashcontent p { color:white; padding:5px;} H2O relies on user polling, but from time to time, we received suggestion in providing a push mechanism. Now, let me introduce briefly on what will be available in the next release - Message Push. Architecture… Ronnie Kwok 03/31/10 0
Announcing AS2 Plus Background Hermes2 AS2 plugin gained interoperability certification from Drummond Group in 2005. Literally, several additional features are suggested to be supported in AS2 . To retain the Drummond Group certificate, we decided to split out an enhanced version of AS2 plugin and name it as AS2 Plus. The certified one… Ronnie Kwok 01/08/10 0
Configuration for Message Signning and Secure Channel Introduction Under current implementation, H2O support PKCS#12 standard only. And a keystore is needed for H2O to retrieve key for message signing. There is a keystore created for both ebMS and AS2 plugins once you finished H2O installation by installer. (To learn more about PKI, please refer to PKI wikipedia,… Ronnie Kwok 07/15/09 0
Web Service Usage Guide Web service in ebMS plugin The following are tasks can be archived through ebMS web services. Send ebMS message to Hermes 2 Receive ebMS message from Hermes 2 Query EbMS message which are ready to download Query ebMS message status Query ebMS message history with different partnership criteria Web services… Ronnie Kwok 09/05/08 0
One Year On June 2, 2007. We released H2O, our ebMS and AS2 messaging gateway to the world, and begin to build up user community surrounding our an open source offering. One year after the release, we would like to look back a bit and summarize the happenings on this special day.… Ronnie Kwok 05/26/08 0
Deliver invoice from Blinksale with H2O Scenario A friend of mine told me the story below, I have make some tweaks on his company name and industry but he operation flow and the issue that he want to resolve remains. I received purchase request from my business partner, then I roast my beans and have it… Ronnie Kwok 05/02/08 0
Take the “H2O” with you There could be times that you need to access a message gateway, either for message transmission or for your software development needs. And it would be handy if it doesn't require any installation, but allows you to run on any machine, as long as JDK is available. This article will… Ronnie Kwok 08/14/07 0
Writing a H2O web service client in PHP Java and dot.Net are the programming language discussed most in the H2O discussion group, but this time, I would like to have it interact with something else. So, I headed to my second lover, PHP (my first lover is Ruby, btw). From there, I have a couple of choices, NuSOAP,… Ronnie Kwok 07/17/07 0