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Writing Hermes 2 WS client under JAVA function redirect(download_file) { [removed]="/php/redirect.php?file=" + download_file; } Introduction This article is purposed to assist developers whose want to write a Hermes 2 web service client using JAVA. It assumes you have successfully installed Hermes 2 and how to communicate Hermes 2 in external application. Please refer to Hermes 2 Installation… Twinsen Tsang 06/20/07 0
Communicating Hermes 2 through WS Introduction Hermes 2 has applied SOAP messaging framework as the way for external application to communicate, rather than using JAVA-based callback registery mechanisms in Hermes 1. The main advantages using SOAP web services here are reducing coupling between external application and Hermes 2, and allowing external application to integrate Hermes… Twinsen Tsang 06/20/07 0
Reference of AS2 Partnership Configuration 1. AS2 Partnership parameter Here is the summary of the AS2 Partnership parameter. Partnership ID AS2 From AS2 To Disabled Subject Recipient Address Hostname Verified in SSL? Request Receipt Signed Receipt Asynchronous Receipt Receipt Return URL Message Compression Required Message Signing Required Signing Algorithm Message Encryption Required Encryption Algorithm Certificate… Twinsen Tsang 06/13/07 0
Reference of ebMS 2.0 Partnership configuration 1. ebMS 2.0 Partnership parameter Here is the summary of the ebMS 2.0 Partnership parameter. Partnership ID CPA ID Service Action Disabled Transport Endpoint Hostname Verified in SSL? Sync Reply Mode Acknowledgement Requested Acknowledgement Signed Requested Duplicate Elimination Message Order Signing Required? Encryption Required? (Mail Only) Certificate For Encryption Maximum… Twinsen Tsang 06/08/07 0
The First Step You Hermes 2 1. Introduction One of the most common difficulty in using Hermes 2 for new developers / users are required to manage (create) the partnership and program the web service requester before they are able to deliver ebMS or AS2 through Hermes 2 to their partner. This article is purposed to… Twinsen Tsang 06/06/07 0