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OneLock allows user to protect a portable storage with not only password, but also to designated locations, i.e. the computers the user trusted. One of the remarkable merits of OneLock is that in case the protected USB storage is lost or being stolen, and the password is being cracked, without the designated computer, data in the lost USB storage would not be accessed and viewed by unauthorized user. Currently we open the OneLock Community Edition for free download.

Existing inadequacy in USB portable storage

Tiny but high volume USB portable storages are overwhelming the market. Although these devices have provided mobility on data transfer, they lead to an increasing concern on data leakage problem to both corporate and civilian. To protect confidential information from being uncorked while in transportation, encryption is a widely adopted solution. It converts readable information to a scrambled form. A secret key is necessary for recovering the scrambled data back into its original form. As a common practice nowadays, this key is transported together with the scrambled data inside the same USB storage, and usually protected by a password.

An advanced security protection

If we view the encrypted storage as a vault, the password-based protection of the key can be viewed as a code lock to the vault. Once the code is being exposed, the confidential data can be fully accessed. The code is an alphanumerical sequence which can be obtained by trial and error, in a matter of time and luck. To ultimately address this security concern, CECID has invented a Multi-Factor Data Protection (MFDP) scheme, which can be viewed as a double lock system. The new lock requires two components to be presented together in order to recover the confidential data: one is a password, and the second one is a physical factor that the data owner possesses. The two components can then be stored in different locations to enhance the security protection. A nice thing about this scheme is, by destructing either of the components, the lock could not be opened anymore.

How Multi-Factor Data Protection works

Leveraging on the widely accepted AES standard, which is employed by many governments to protect top secret level documents, MFDP firstly encrypts confidential data and stores it into an USB portable storage. Then it divides the secret key into shares: one will be stored in the computer; the other will be stored in the USB storage and protected by a password. Both shares are necessary to determine the key for recovering the encrypted data. This implies the confidential data can only be accessed in an authorized location which should be under the data owner’s control. If the USB storage has been lost, without the password and a computer with the correct share together, the data can never be accessed. Moreover, in case of losing the USB storage, the owner could remove the share in the computer. This remedy action essentially has an effect of sealing the USB storage, and the confidential data would be locked permanently.

System Requirement for OneLock Community Edition

OneLock Community Edition can be installed on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Note that for this Community Edition, OneLock is applicable to USB device with any storage capacity, and will convert the whole device to a 512MB SecureUSB. If your USB storage is less than 512MB, the size of SecureUSB will be capped by its original capacity.

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OneLock Reborn Tool

Reborn Tool is an add-on application for OneLock. It can convert a SecureUSB back to an ordinary USB storage. The Reborn Tool has the following function:
  1. When you uninstall OneLock from your system, all the USBs you ever formatted using OneLock will not be accessible from the system. In this case, you need the reborn tool to make it accessible again.
  2. When you still have OneLock in your system, but you want to "revert" some of your USBs you ever formatted using OneLock back to the unencrypted state, you need the reborn tool.
Download Reborn Tool