Why should I use Detour?

Glad that you asked. Detour brings benefits to your work and your company. No matter if you are the end user, the "IT guys" or the owner of the company. Below, we highlights what you can benefits from the software.

Benefits to the end user

  • Everything is done in the interface you are most familiar with
  • No longer need to break up large files into separate files and send through multiple email
  • As the receiving end, the solution won't eat up the hard disk space of your server since a single copy of the attachment can serve multiple recipient in the same email
  • For the same reason, it saves your bandwidth when you send out, since the attachment will only need to send out once and able to serve multiple recipient belonging to the same domain

Benefits to the "IT guys"

  • Fewer user request to entertain with
  • Data is delivered to the recipient with encryption and digital signature
  • You don’t need to become a technology specialist and provide technical support to recipient
  • You don’t need to fiddle with the IT guys and ask them to upload the file to the FTP server

Benefits to the boss

  • You don't need to pay a recurring subscription fee
  • Your staff will no longer need to store your business data on any file sharing service provider, you own the data in your premises