What is "Detour"?

We love using email to exchange idea and in many occasions, the message alone is not sufficient, we want to express with other material which we shall attach it together with the email. A frustrating moment which we are all too familiar with is, our email get bounced back, due to the size of the attachment that we want to send out.
Detour is the tool to end this frustration. You no longer need to worry if your powerpoint presentation is too large, or worry if your FTP setup for sharing the file is configured properly. You would not need to risk yourself by uploading the marketing plan for the next season to a file sharing service provider.
Let's take a look at a typical setup of the Detour Attachment Server and Detour Mail Plugin.

Architecture Diagram

How does it works?

Detour has two components - Detour Attachment Plugin, which is a plugin for email client; and the Detour Attachment Server which perform all the "magic".
You can compose email as usual and pick up the file you want to send out through our plugin. The Detour Attachment Server will stream the file to the recipient's counter part and when the recipient opens the email in the email client, they can reclaim the file through the Detour Attachment Plugin.

Is it secure?

We know how important data security meant to you. With our expertise in developing software for e-commerce, we have invented a protocol to transmit your file content to the recipient's Detour Attachment Server in a secure and reliable manner. The file content is protected through data encryption and the sender authenticity is checked through digital signature. Also, the protocol will ensure the file is transmitted successfully, and automatically resend any bits that failed to get through.

Can it only work in pairs?

OK, I hear you asking, "what if the recipient has yet to install theirs?". No worry, there is a hyperlink in your email which let them pick your files up through the web browser but of course, they won't be able to enjoy the benefits of immediate download like you do.