Complete change list for H2O

Aug 09, 2007

  • Release of bug fix for sending ebms message repeatedly under stress environment.
  • Updated the SQL used re-pend the timed-out message more accurately. Now it does not update message without associated outbox record. Also, each message can only re-pend one time for each delivery attempt.
  • Updated OutboxTask so that it does not override the existing message status, leading to indefinite re-sending under some special circumstance. (Thank w.chan for figuring this)
  • [Critical] Fix for handling delivery failure when acknowledgment does not require.
  • Minimize the occurrence for another thread race condition. It happens when the acknowledgment is received and process even earlier than the outbox task that deliver the message. Thus leading two thread updating the message status together.
  • Increment Corvus EbMS From 1.1.0 to 1.1.0b.
  • Fix junit.jar classpath in CorvusEbms junit test

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Jul 30, 2007

  • Fixed the bug which convert the UTC datetime with 'Z' designator incorrectly. (Thank Martin Kalen for figuring out this).
  • Fixed the bug which the UTC datetime for outgoing ACK does not conform to UTC representation.
  • Supplement the features for converting java calendar/date object to UTC conformed datetime representation in ebms/spa/EbmsUtility.
  • Removed toUTCString in EbmsMessageSenderService (use EbmsUtility now).
  • Added JUnit3 testcase for EbmsUtility.
  • Add junit test to Ebms build script
  • Added the support of converting from GMT representation string to java date object.
  • Added testcase for converting GMT representation string to java data object.
  • Added the support of <eb:Serivce type> as a input of EbMS Sender web service.
  • Fixed the bug that the ebMS IMH unable to parse the TTL value using GMT format (backward-compatiblity issue).

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Jul 18, 2007

  • Change table name in DAO.xml to small letter to avoid potential SQL problem in some database.
  • Expose SQL files to user. It will now be deployed to the Corvus home after running the installer.
  • Remove unnecessary Droid documentation.
  • Remove old obfuscation package.
  • Fix basedir in build.xml of AntInstaller .
  • Update AntInstaller from 0.74 to 0.80.
  • Remove unused antinstaller files.
  • Remove antinstaller 0.74 libraries.
  • Fix partnership-as2.bat as incorrect jar filename for corvus-loopback.jar is defined in Loopback program.
  • Fix ant-install-config.xml
  • Remove src-sql folder from AS2 plugin.
  • Remove conf folder from Ebms plugin.

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Jun 13, 2007

  • Bug fix on installer, there are incidents that the DB table cannot be dropped properly and an exception is throw in the installation. It should now behave properly.

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Jun 06, 2007

  • Bug fix on ebMS plugin, the timestamp in acknowledgment is not in the format of UTC and it has been fixed.

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Jun 01, 2007

  • Change code to support JDK1.5 (mainly rename 'enum' keyword and JAXP compatibility)
  • Update XML libraries to support JDK1.5 (update xalan.jar & xmlsec.jar, remove xmlParserAPIs.jar & xercesImpl.jar)
  • Change AS2(as2.module.core.xml) & EbMS(ebms.module.xml) JDBC connection default max to 30
  • Fix EbMS UTC format to be UTC standard compliance
  • Standardize all log size to 5MB and 1 backup
  • Improve EbMS message sync reply mode performance. When the ACK / error is received in the same connection. There is no need to do a sleeping interval before checking the existence of ACK / error.
  • Remove default proxy server settings (
  • Disable default compression for AS2 receiver (plugin.xml)
  • Fix bug that unable to define the customized module class when invocating hk.hku.cecid.piazza.commons.module.ModuleGroup#loadModules
  • Add new ActiveModule - MessageMonitor has been added to EbMS to manage message timeout. It involves following changes.
    1. Add new column "timeout_time_stamp" in EbMS message table and update associated DAOMessage.xml.
    2. Refactored / Updated the MessageDAO, MessageDVO, MessageDatasSourceDAO, MessageDataSourceDVO for DB schema synchronization.
    3. Added a DAO update query called "updatedTimedOutMessageStatus" for resend all timed-out message.
    4. Added a new ActiveModule called "MessageMonitor" which update all timed-out message to PENDING periodically.
    5. Refactor / Updated OutboxTask for the support of new Timeout mechanism. The thread terminate itself after attempting to deliver (no matter success or fail). Then it will try to resend the message after timeout. If it has already reached the number of retired allowed, mark it as fail.
    6. Refactor / Updated IncomingMessageProcessor at processing acknowledgment module. It nows update the status of the order message corresponding to the ACK to final status (DF, PS). And clear that message in the outbox queue.
  • Update Loopback test to use SAAJ model instead of AXIS and support JDK1.5.
  • Fix some javadoc comments

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