One Year

On June 2, 2007. We released H2O, our ebMS and AS2 messaging gateway to the world, and begin to build up user community surrounding our an open source offering.

One year after the release, we would like to look back a bit and summarize the happenings on this special day.

What does one year equivalent to?

  1. 371 svn commit and 14 releases.
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    Over the year, we have received your bug report or feature request and we turn it into the code changes. But there is one that I personally feel very special.

    The bug is about the DB Pool stability. Reports of this issue has been showing up in different occasion and we aren't aware that they originate from the same root. One of you reported that it might because of the version of DBCP library that we are using. What's more, you have contributed some suggestion on what H2O could do further to improve the stability.

    We are very delighted with the contribution and idea exchange, this make us having a feeling of "togetherness".

    The other memorable code changes are about the performance enhancement we have introduced, the adhering to the messaging specification. These allow us to do a better job and ease the interopt with other messaging server.

  3. 8 articles and a community forum
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    Over the year, we have introduced 8 pieces of article. We understand it is tiring to read the manual, and just like you, we enjoy reading article that address a problem precisely. Thus, all of our article are meant to tackle a specific task.

    By March, 2008, we have introduced yet another new feature for the community - the community forum. The role of the forum is to enable all of us a common place to discuss the different project we have released.

  5. Introduction of 2 new projects
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    We have introduced Plumber and Swallow In February and March respectively. These new members still need some time to grow and gain the momentum.

The "H2O Story"

We would like to share the different involvement of H2O among the user (ourselves included).

I will begin with our own story.

We have several occasion to converse with people around the world, who are either interested in the adoption of reliable messaging, or already expert in this area. We have conducted a 2 days training to a group of visitor from Thailand and organized several event to present our offering to the general public. The latest symposium is a join event with a group of e-business professional, who presents the different adoption of open standard in the European market.

What's more, Philip, one of the core member, has participated twice in the e-business asia committee meeting to present our work and learn about the happening around Asia.

Remember about my post in Google group asking you to give me a ping? I am very glad in receiving the response and below is a summary on what I have got.

I have received reply from local and overseas users, which comes from commercial or government parties, who are testing H2O for their research or even commercial projects. For instance, H2O is being tested rigorously in Hong Kong, by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).

There are also some cases in Europe, but due to sensitivity on the projects, I am not able to disclose the details for all of them. Yet, there is a one in Portugal that I can mention a bit more. The user from INESC Porto told me that, they are trying to use H2O in a research project for the footwear and textile/apparel industries. The aim is to develop a communication infrastructure that would allow companies to automate their business processes in the B2B domain, through the secure exchange of electronic documents (request for quotation, quotation, order, order response, delivery note, order status request, ...) in the Internet.

We are feeling very excited by the responses and we certainly hope that our work can contribute to the success of their project.

The Road Ahead

We have a lot of stuff on our plate — feedback you submit to us, features we want to introduce. All in all, we hope to keep seeing you around and looking forward to new member joining our community.

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Posted by Ronnie Kwok on 05/26 at 05:48 PM