We believe open source and collaboration are ways to accelerate e-commerce technology development and adoption. Hence, we established this website to deliver our R&D products to the open source community and the general public who could benefits from our work.
  • H2OH2O
    An electronic message gateway that supports protocol standard including ebMS and AS2.

  • Sensitive Attachment GuardSensitive Attachment Guard
    A Thunderbird add-on censor sensitive attachments (currently Microsoft Office documents) from being sent to unintended recipients.
  • SwallowSwallow
    A web platform for testing the connectivity functionality of your H2O installation.
  • DetourDetour
    Detour breakthrough email attachment size limitation

  • PlumberPlumber
    Plumber eases system integration and able to keep track of the processing state of the system call.
  • OneLockOneLock
    With OneLock, you can lock your portable storage with not only password, but also to designated locations.